We are a service based company, active in a multitude of fields related to the territory and our built environment. From preliminary studies of the act of building to the completion of projects of any size, we follow and advise you in the fields of official surveying, geomatics and land strategy. BIM is in the middle of these processes.


For all your construction projects, we use a plurality of terrestrial measurement methods (theodolites, levels, laser scanners or drones) but also specific ones (scanners, bathymetres, inclinometers, lasers, etc.). We produce topographic plans by plotting the state of the site (levels, vegetation or facilities) on a plan or in 3D, we model facades or interior surveys and participate in the preparation of cadastral maps for building authorisation.

We propose a 3D integration of your project or the neighbour's project, in a site by means of physical templates, spot shots or integrated into digital models. To adapt to your technical environment, we have developed customised interfaces (GIS-web) for the delivery and consultation of our documents or data.

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Site works

Our customers appreciate our rigorous approach to reliability and efficiency, as well as our ability to meet time requirements for the installation of axes or reference points (levels), control surveys during the worksite or digital terrain models. We also carry out static / kinematic monitoring and controls of settlements, monitoring of structures, monitoring of cracks and tilting, calculations of surface and volume differentials, or special sub-millimetric works.

We adapt the method and technique to your needs.

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Official surveying

As patented surveyors we are authorised to produce the necessary documents which attest to the correctness of all land works in Switzerland: division or merging of parcels, creation or modification of permanent separate rights (DDP) of superficies, constitution of easements, concessions, phased ownership (PPE), cadastral works, permanent updating of data and documents of the land register and cadaster(DIT).

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Land management and strategy

The land management and strategy is an essential step in land use planning. It accompanies the development of any medium or large real estate project. Urban development projects or localised neighbourhood plans (PLQ) have an essential land component that requires the support and skills of a land surveyor: parcel division-merging, surface rights, easement maps, etc.

Public authorities (real estate foundations or municipalities) and private developers need to be reassured. The documents and products that we produce have a didactic vocation to popularise legal and/or technical contexts that are difficult to grasp. This evolutionary process facilitates communication between the various stakeholders and decision-making.

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Expertises and advises

Our technical education, legal knowledge combined with a great human sense and an ever-increasing number of experiences, allow us to give you the best advice by trying to understand your needs. We personally accompany you on subjects and themes as varied as the valuation of a property, advice and feasibility on the development potential of a property or the joint ownership (PPE) or division of a property/parcel in the case of a succession. These strategic questions often require the opinion and involvement of a neutral and uninterested party.

Our experience and the diversity of our expertise are at your service.

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The word "geomatics" was born from the concatenation of the first syllable of the word geometrician/geography and the last three syllables of the word mathematics. Geomatics broadly encompasses the fields of database management, territorial information systems (GIS), development of 2D and 3D geographic processing (pedestrian view, virtual reality, 3D integration, etc.). The development of geomatics tools requires a constant technological watch and is based on the results of research and development carried out internally or externally.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming the design and management tool for all new construction and renovation projects. This technology optimises construction processes through the use of 3D at all stages in the life of a project. We participate in this process by acquiring geo-referenced 3D information using laser scanners, drones or theodolites. Accompanied by a team of professionals working in Switzerland and Europe (BIM Managers, surveyors, architects, civil engineers, CVSE specialists, computer scientists, designers, etc.) we have all the capabilities to build a complete and exhaustive model according to your needs.

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